REST API for Beginners Bootcamp

Learn how to build professional REST APIs with ASP.NET Core, C#, and Postman in this 4-week bootcamp.

Online bootcamp hosted by Raymond Alvarez


Building REST APIs is an integral part of being a backend developer.  This bootcamp is good for entry level developers or experienced developers who want to see how it is done on ASP.NET Core.  Join us and learn:

  • ASP.NET Core and C#
  • Industry Tools (like VS Code and Postman)
  • Best Practices
  • Building a fun and practical project


We provide the following to throughout the bootcamp:

  • Classes taught live by an instructor
  • Chat support from the instructor and teaching assistants
  • Exercises and Feedback


You should have the following skills to get the most out of the bootcamp:

  • Basic Programming (Any Language)

Curriculum Preview

Week 1
During our first week, you will learn the basics of REST APIs and why they're important.
Introduction On-demand
Setting up your computer On-demand
Hello, API! Your first API Live
Mon, August 2, 2021 at 5PM (PST)
Office Hours w/ Raymond Live
Mon, August 2, 2021 at 5PM (PST)
Week 2
Learn the in's and out's of HTTP and how it relates to REST APIs. You'll have a better understanding of how web services work as well as the Internet.
WWW Fundamentals On-demand
Understanding REST Live
Mon, August 2, 2021 at 5PM (PST)
Office Hours w/ Raymond Live
Mon, August 2, 2021 at 5PM (PST)
Week 3
Learn and apply industry practices when building REST APIs
Separation of Concerns On-demand
Week 4
Build a chat API and use it to talk with your classmates

Meet Raymond Alvarez Primary Instructor
Software Engineer

Nice to meet you! A little about myself, I am a software engineer working with leading and cutting edge technology. I Attended, the University of California, Irvine where I majored in Informatics under ICS. I have experience with major languages Python, C#, Java, and JavaScript. My recent projects were built in .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Java JBDC. My favorite tools to use when I develop are Postman, Docker, SQL Query Workbenches, and Git.

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What's Included

Flexible Schedule
Set and maintain flexible deadlines.
Classes are in English.
Coding Exercises
Numerous hands-on coding exercises.
Live Classes
Interactive live classes you can attend or watch a recording.
On-demand Classes
Self-paced classes you can view at any time.

Additional Instructors

Kevin Ngo Instructor Assistant
Software Developer

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What others are saying

Joey F.
Joey F. Marketing Director

Learning from engaging and expert instructors in a real time format is a powerful new way to learn. I love that I can participate in live office hours.

Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson Customer Support Specialist

Some of the people in my cohort are executives and engineers at some of the world’s top companies. I never thought meeting and learning from new people would be this good. 🤯

Jose Julian
Jose Julian Learner from Mexico City

Ten times better than watching YouTube videos all by myself. I love getting support from instructors and other students when I get stuck on a problem.

Reyna M.
Reyna M. Learner from Miami, Florida

Such a great way to learn design from people that do this for a living. I always thought bootcamps were only for fitness and coding.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, instructors typically host live classes or live office hours as part of their bootcamps on U. In addition to this, you will have exclusive access to a chat messaging where the instructor(s) will answer questions related to the material covered by the bootcamp. From time to time, some instructors also have guest instructors or assistants that will support you in your learning journey as well.
Rest assured, you don’t have to attend all live sessions. All live classes and office hours are automatically recorded and made available to the participants in the event you're not able to attend.
Bootcamps on U are cohort-based courses, meaning participants are grouped with other participants and they learn together at the same time. In addition, U enables collaboration amongst participants so that you can learn from your peers. This makes the bootcamp more fun and enjoyable than a self-paced course.
Most bootcamps have a hard start date and end date, and some allow you to join at any time. Please scroll to the top of the bootcamp page to see the details.
No, there is no 3rd party plugin or application needed. You can join any live class or on-demand class directly from the U web app or mobile app. You’re able to join live sessions 10 minutes before the start time.
Yes of course. You can join any live session or access on-demand classes from the U mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android devices. Visit https://www.u.camp/download

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