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U is the first platform that enables creators to launch their own bootcamp or cohort-based course, live or on-demand.

 No credit card required.  No monthly fees.  It's free.

Start a bootcamp
as a side hustle

Whether you'd like to teach guests how to code by offering your own 12-week coding bootcamp or want to teach a different topic, U enables you to make money from what you already know.

Run your bootcamp
in cohorts

U's cohort-based course platform enables you to teach in groups. In contrast to self-paced learning, cohorts foster a community environment and encourage teamwork and peer-to-peer collaboration as learners move through the lessons at the same time.

Offer your own
monthly pass

Monthly passes enable learners to access your bootcamps and classes using a membership model that allows you to generate a steady stream of income. You can even offer free trials that automatically convert to paid memberships.

How It Works

See the U platform in action

Create a bootcamp

Create a single day class or a multi-week bootcamp & set a price.

Share your link

Send your followers the the link to your bootcamp or class.

Run your bootcamp

Host a live class or upload a pre-recorded video, your choice.

Get paid

Earn money and get paid with weekly payouts.

The All-In-One Platform for Creators

Forget about having to use 10+ different tools or a pro to piece things together. U is everything you need to launch your knowledge side hustle or business in one easy to use tool.

Live Class Hosting

Host live classes and live office hours.

On-demand Streaming

Pre-record classes & deliver them on-demand.

Paid Classes

Charge a single price or offer a monthly pass.

Messaging and Chat

Connect and engage, in a group and 1-on-1.

Cloud Recordings

Live events are automatically converted to on-demand.

Drip Content

Set a delivery schedule and control access.

Fast Checkout

Blazing fast checkout for your guests.

Go Global

Accept payments in 100+ currencies.

You're in control

From determining what to teach to how much to charge, you're always in the driver seat.

  • Teach live or on-demand, up to you
  • Teach any topic you'd like
  • Charge anything you'd like

No trials, no gimmicks,
just free forever

U is free for creators, no monthly fees or trials necessary. We only make money when you do and our creators keep 90%.

People Love U

Don't take our word for it. See what creators and learners are saying.

Join thousands of creators

The creator economy is just getting started. Launch a bootcamp on a topic you're passionate about and earn income while educating others.

U for Mobile

Host bootcamps and live office hours, message your guests on the go and more. The U mobile app enables you to run your knowledge business from your back pocket.